BMG Integrated Drive Gear Assembly (IDGA) Retrofit Kit (SKU: EXT-KIT-96)


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The BMG Drive Gears IDGA Kit are compatible with:

  • All Bondtech BMG series extruders;
  • All Bondtech upgrade kits for Prusa i3;
  • All Bondtech upgrade kits for Prusa Mini;
  • All Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruders for Creality;
  • NMG-HT for Funmat HT;
  • Other BMG type extruders using the original Bondtech main shaft assembly and drive gears.

The BMG IDGA must be used with 3x8x3.0 mm ball bearings.

Product includes:

  • 1x [15165] BMG IDGA Retro-fit
  • 1x secondary drive gear 1.75/5.0 mm
  • 2x 3x8x3.0 mm ball bearings
  • 1x 3×20 mm shaft
  • 2x needle bearings

This Kit includes the the BMG Integrated Drive Gear Assembly, secondary 1.75/5.0mm drive gear, secondary shaft and secondary needle bearings.


For the necessary tolerances with the plastic housing of the several compatible extruders and their versions you may design to use this kit, please allow some axial motion along the main shaft.
0.25mm on each side is enough.
This motion doesn’t affect the performance of the IDGA and actually it allows the IDGA to self-center with the filament.


Technical Specification

  • Shaft length: 27.6 +/-0.08mm
  • Shaft length to support ball bearings : < 3.3mm - 3.3mm >
  • Filament teeth’s center to end of shaft : < 21.84mm - 6.30mm >
  • Number of drive gear teeth : 17
  • Drive gear teeth length : 4mm
  • Integrated drive gear Material: Hardened Steel
    Materials Compatibility:
    • Flexible : yes;
    • Rigid : yes;
    • Abrasive : yes.
  • Number of main gear teeth : 50
  • Main gear teeth length : 3mm