5 Volt Regulator Module



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This is a 5V plug in regulator module in the standard stepper driver socket layout, created by Vernon Barry. Many printers, and especially those based on RAMPS1.4 have input voltage power limits as well as limits on the amount of 5V power for everything from bed probe servos to LCD control panel backlights. This regulator module provides up to 1.5A of 5V power for your accessories. In the specific case of the Mosaic Palette and Palette+, this add on regulator provides extra safety margin of 5V power when using the Toshiba FlashAir wireless card. Simply plug in place of any unused stepper driver socket on most mainboards.

Bare PCB Just the PCB, no other parts.
Kit PCB plus pin headers and OKI-78SR-5 5v/1.5a regulator
Assembled All parts of the kit, plus heatshrink, assembled/soldered (including pin headers)


Regulator notes: 

Typically, no extra outside components are required.  -This is why you don't see any extra capacitors added or required on the PCB breakout, this is one of the few regulators that does not require them.

Three nominal output voltages are offered (3.3, 5 and 12 VDC), up to 1.5 Amp maximum output. Based on fixed-frequency buck switching topology, the high efficiency means very low heat and little electrical noise, requiring no external components. The 3.3 and 5Vout models have an ultra wide input range of 7 to 36 Volts DC and the 12Vout model has an input voltage range of 15 to 36V.

Protection features include short circuit current limit protection. The OKI-78SR is designed to meet all standards approvals.

Datasheet:  https://power.murata.com/data/power/oki-78sr.pdf

Note: Be certain to use understand what you're doing when installing, such that the onboard 5v regulator is disabled or otherwise will not interfere with this module. Connecting multiple voltage regulators to each other can result in damage.

Heatshrink color may vary depending on availability.