E3D Revo Voron



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As of 9/15/22, comes with new/improved heatercore (with blue thermistor insulation). Swap nozzles without complex tools and hot tightening with this innovative new HotEnd ecosystem from E3D, FDM 3D printing extrusion system experts.

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Smaller, lighter, and better than ever before, the Revo Voron HotEnd uses the smallest heatsink we’ve produced so far. Weighing in at only 25g, use Revo Voron to squeeze more speed performance from your motion system. Intended for direct drive setups, Revo Voron is fully compatible with the Revo ecosystem, so you can easily change nozzles without tools or hot tightening at room temperature, using just your fingers. With an anodized red, blue, or grey heatsink, not only does Revo Voron run cool – it looks cool, too.

  • Designed for use with Revo Nozzles · Works with a Revo HeaterCore for faster heat-ups
  • Smallest and lightest HotEnd produced so far
  • Titanium-like performance
  • Ultra-lightweight construction for improved speed performance
  • Compatible with Voron Afterburner/Stealthburner, Legacy, Switchwire, Trident, Voron 0, Voron 1, Voron 2
  • Heatsink is licensed under GPLv3, full drawing available after units start shipping


Ready for Revo

Change nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers. No complex tools, no hot tightening. Revo Nozzles are factory sealed nozzle and heatbreak in one, so they’re easy to fit and can’t leak material when in use.

Titanium-like performance

E3D's special manufacturing process gives this aluminum HotEnd the strength and low thermal conductivity of titanium, without actually being titanium!

New hotness

A Revo HeaterCore heats up in seconds. It’s much safer too – unlike other solutions on the market, a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means the Revo HeaterCore can not melt at extreme temperatures: power reduces as it gets hotter, so hazards are reduced in the event of a thermal runaway.

Runs cool, looks cool

With an anodized red, blue, or grey heatsink, not only does Revo Voron run cool – it looks cool, too. 

Flexible to any setup

Revo Voron is intended for Voron printheads. All heatercore options are manufactured by E3D, but the "LDO version" has different cable length and terminations, intended for use with their toolhead boards but may be useful with other boards as well. Check the drawing for details.

Key features
  • Low thermal conductivity in a compact space
  • Maximum temperature: 300C
  • Lightweight for greater motion system agility
  • Compatible with RapidChange Revo ecosystem
  • 4x M3 mounting style (see drawing)
  • Compatible with direct drive systems
  • Mass: 25g
Kit Contains

Revo Voron HeatSink
Revo HeaterCore w/ spring & connectors (see drawing for details)
1 meter Microfit to Dupont cables (if E3D edition Heatercore is selected)
Revo Nozzle 
No mounting hardware included

  • Which heatercore do I need? -> 99%+ of Vorons are 24v. All heatercores are made by E3D, but the LDO edition comes with different cable lengths/terminations. See drawing for details. As far as 40w vs 60w, for most use cases, even high flow, 40w is plenty. Unless you have at least 2 of these 3: [extreme part cooling, in excess of 40mm3/s, printing in excess of 275degC), you will not benefit from a 60w heatercore.
  • Which nozzles do I need? -> Revo HF increases flow rates by roughly 70% as compared to standard flow. Check out the graph here for more information.


Photo credit: wile.e from Voron Discord