Bondtech BMG Internals Set


In stock, ready to ship. Comes with the updated Shaft/Gear assembly, as of 2/22/23.

Original Bondtech® OEM set of parts to use on the HextrudORT and other printers/extruders such as the Voron Stealthburner, Sherpa Mini. Note that the RIDGA version is not compatible with Stealthburner, since the gear is fixed on the shaft with incompatible dimensions. Note also that the RIDGA version is v1, not v2.

What is included

  • 1x 1.75/5.0mm Bondtech® Drive Gear Set
    • (Standard version) Includes primary gear with inner diameter 5 mm, secondary gear with two needle bearings, M3x2 setscrew and one 3 x 20 mm shaft.
    • (RIDGA version) Includes a set with the Hardened Steel R.I.D.G.A. (v1, SKU 15149) and original 1.75mm secondary Drive Gear. NOTE: The reversed integrated drive gear is not compatible with BMG extruders, because the position of the hotbed section is reversed/flipped relative to what a BMG extruder uses.
  • 1x Main Shaft Assembly
  • 1x Thumbscrew Assembly
  • 1x 4mm Push-fit Collar
  • 2x 5x8x2.5 Ball Bearing

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