Slice Engineering 300C Thermistor

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300°C Thermistor

  • Accurate from room temperature up to 300°C
  • Robust construction 
  • Compatible with most 3D printer firmware, including Marlin and Duet* 
  • Perfect for expanding a 3D printer's material capabilities to the limits of open-air machines

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Use in conjunction with Boron Nitride Paste for the highest accuracy results.

Designed to not only weather the fiercest heat, but to measure, with extreme accuracy, all the way from room temperatures up to 300°C. And, yes, this is the only high temperature 3D printing thermistor in the world that’s capable of doing that.

NOTE: Requires update of RT Table in printer firmware. Not all 3D printers allow firmware updates. Please check to ensure your printer will allow this, otherwise the thermistor will not work.