E3D Standard Volcano Heater Block (cartridge style)


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The v6 blocks and socks work with v6, Lite6, Chimera, and Kraken HotEnds.

Note that the new style thermistors need a cartridge style heater block as well. Note also that this product listing is for a block or a thermistor cartridge only - if you need both, you will need each variant in your shopping cart. The blocks come with all fixings (screws, etc) needed for installation, and the thermistor cartridge comes with a ~1 meter long cable.

The "Block, Thermistor, Sock Upgrade Pack (v6)" has one heater block, one cartridge thermistor with 1 meter cable, and one Standard style silicone sock. If you need more silicone socks, or if you would like "Pro-style" socks, they are available here.

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Before the move to cartridge based thermistors E3D-v6 HotEnds made use of a screw and clamping washer to grip the thermistor in place. This works well once assembled, but can be fiddly to assemble and maintain. This product makes those parts available to folks that would like to upgrade.

From mid-June 2016 E3D HotEnds will transition to using a standard cartridge-type format for temperature sensors. These will be available as Thermistor, PT100 or Thermocouple sensors. 

The thermistor sensors use the proven Semitec 104GT thermistors, which are then potted into a  cylindrical copper cartridge with a high conductivity ceramic based adhesive. The legs are insulated with fibreglass sleeving, and terminated with a Molex Microfit 3.0 connector.

Alloy used is 6061.