E3D Revo Six (Standard/Prusa Edition)



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As of 9/15/22, comes with new/improved heatercore (with blue thermistor insulation). Upgrade your old E3D V6 setup to Revo™ Six, a quick and easy drop-in replacement that gives you all the benefits of E3D’s RapidChange™ Revo ecosystem.

Note: Standard version has 1000mm cables and includes a fan and fan duct. Prusa version has 600mm cables and does not include a fan/fan duct, but is $5 cheaper.

Prusa MK2 printers use 12v. Prusa Mini and MK3/S+ printers use 24v. Always good to check your printer's power supply to confirm hotend voltage.

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Revo Six is a drop-in replacement for your E3D V6 HotEnd, giving you all the benefits of E3D’s RapidChange Revo ecosystem in an easy-to-upgrade package. · Same height, diameter, and mounting as the E3D V6 all-metal HotEnd
  • No machine redesign needed - drops right into your existing setup
  • Compatible with Revo Nozzles – swap nozzles at room temperature without tools or hot tightening
  • Anodized black sink and crystal-clear fan mount with fan included *with standard version)
  • Revo HeaterCore included for faster, safer heating


Ready for Revo

Revo Six is designed to work with Revo Nozzles, so you can perform nozzle swaps with your fingers at room temperature without complex tools or hot tightening. Each Revo Nozzle is factory sealed, making it much simpler to use and more reliable than most HotEnd technology available today.

No machine redesign

Revo Six is a top choice if you want to update your old E3D V6 setup to the latest generation of E3D HotEnd technology. It has the same height, the same diameter, and the same groove mount as the E3D V6, so it drops straight into V6-fitted machines without the hassle of redesigning print head mounts and accessories. Just fit it, connect the Revo HeaterCore, and you’re ready to 3D print.

Enhanced performance

Revo Six uses a Revo HeaterCore, our latest HotEnd heating and sensing architecture. It reaches temperature much faster than a traditional aluminum heaterblock, and it’s much safer: a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) means the HeaterCore can’t melt at extreme temperatures, reducing hazards in the event of a thermal runaway.

A new look.

An anodized black heat sink distinguishes Revo Six from its predecessor, and every unit ships with a premium crystal-clear fan duct so your machine will stand out from the crowd.

Key features

Max temp: 300C
Works with Revo HeaterCore and Revo Nozzles 

Kit contains

- 1 x Revo Six heatsink

- 1 x 30 x 30 x 10 fan & fan duct (Not included in Prusa version)

- 1 x Collet

- 1 x Collet clip

- 1 x Revo HeaterCore 12V or 24V (40 watt)

- 1 x Revo HeaterCore spring

- 1 x Extension cable kit (1000mm in standard version, 585mm heater cable in Prusa version, 640mm sensor cable with proper locking Molex SL connector in Prusa version)

- 1 x 100mm PTFE

 - 1x 0.4mm nozzle, or 0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8mm nozzles.

Material compatibility


Mount system

Groove mount


12V or 24V


Diameter: 16.2mm
Length: 62.4mm