NEMA17 13N-cm Stepper Motor

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Nema17 12.7N-cm stepper motor with 24mm D shaft for grub screw and 1.0m wiring. 26mm Body length. Please note, as of 2/24/22, a stepper motor cable is no longer included. If you need a cable, purchase here.

Ultra-Slim NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use with your E3D Titan extruder. Only 25mm body length, producing 12.7N-cm of torque these motors make an excellent choice for use on your extruder if using 1.75mm filament. Note that if using 3.0mm filament, a more powerful stepper is recommended. 

These motors have been custom made for use with E3D's Titan and Titan Aero extruders, striking the perfect balance of size, weight, torque, and shaft.

Property Value
Manufacturer E3D
Holding Torque 12.7 N-cm
Shaft 26mm
Rated Voltage 2.7v
Stepping Angle 0.9°

Lead Length


Datasheet: E3D-Online