Adafruit NeoPixel (pack of 10)


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These are the smallest NeoPixel breakouts around! Tiny, bright RGB+White pixels to your project. These little PCBs are only 9.1mm x 9.1mm and have two sets of three pads on the back for soldering wires. These ultra-bright LEDs have a constant-current driver cooked right into the LED package! The pixels are chainable - so you only need 1 pin/wire to control as many LEDs as you like.

These pixels have full 32-bit color ability (24 bits RGB and then 8 bits of white) with PWM taken care of by the controller chip. Since the LED is so bright, you need less current/power to get the effects you want. The driver is constant current so it's OK if your battery power changes or fluctuates a little.

The NeoPixel is 'split', one half is the RGB you know and love, the other half is a white LED with a yellow phosphor. Unlit, it resembles a school bus. Lit up these are insanely bright (like ow my eye hurts) and can be controlled with 8-bit PWM per channel (8 x 4 channels = 32-bit color overall). Great for adding lots of colorful + warm white dots to your project!

Note these are RGBW and so you will have to make sure your NeoPixel controller is set up for RGBW rather than the standard/default RGB!

Each pixel draws as much as ~70mA (all four RGBW LEDs on for full brightness white). An Arduino can drive up to 350 pixels at 30 FPS (it will run out of RAM after that). Using ribbon cable you can string these up to 6" apart (after that, you might get power droops and data corruption)

Each order comes with 10 individually controllable pixel buttons.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 9.1mm x 9.1mm x 3.1mm / 0.36" x 0.36" x 0.125"
  • Weight (single PCB): 0.3g
  • 800 KHz speed protocol
  • Chainable design
  • 5 VDC power (can run as low as 3.5V but color will be dimmed), constant current 18.5mA per LED (~75mA max total per pixel)
  • SK6812 Datasheet

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