See how one customer in New Zealand has made 300kgs of PLA

May 15, 2017

Henri, owner of Embrace Design in New Zealand, has recently shared some very interesting information about his 3D printer setup. Embrace Design uses a diverse array of equipment to produce exciting and creative products which he sells on his website. Among Embrace Design's vast array of equipment are ten 3D printers.

Ten 3D printers can be very filament-hungry, and to feed them, Henri has has come to Filastruder. Henri bought his first Filastruder in November of 2015 and has has since bought a second. The two Filastruders have extruded a combined total of 300kgs of PLA filament for his company.

The problem is, in New Zealand, PLA pellets are very hard to buy. Henri found a local company who agreed to sell PLA to him, but with a minimum order of 1000kgs and 5kgs of masterbatch!

Needless to say, Henri and his Filastruders have been very busy - and he was kind enough to share some pictures of his setup and some very useful information about mixing, drying, extruding and printing with his home-made PLA filament. Read his original post here.

Photos courtesy of zero2033


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