Big News from Duet 3D: The Duet 3 is Coming

September 26, 2018

Filastruder has been at the 2018 TCT Show this week in the UK, and we have some pretty exciting news to pass along. Duet 3D is developing the concept for the next generation of the Duet -- the Duet 3. Note: this will not replace the Duet 2, but will rather be another option for you.

While it won’t be available until 2019, they are demoing some of the new features at the TCT Show and accepting feedback on the design.

Here are the highlights so far:

  • New 32 bit processor -- ARM M7
  • 50% more powerful stepper drivers (3.5A RMS, 4.5A Peak)
  • Stepper drivers -- and the whole Duet 3, for that matter -- capable of 36v operation (this has been confirmed)
  • CAN FD high-speed data bus enables the use of smaller expansion boards with nicer cabling (See video link below. Note the round red cables vs the big flat wide ribbon cables on a Duet2/Duex5)
  • 6 Trinamic stepper drivers
  • 10 PWM outputs for heaters/fans/servos/etc.
  • 9 IO ports for probes, filament monitors, endstops, etc.

We recommend taking a look at this YouTube video from David Crocker on the prototypes demonstration. You can also visit to read an overview and take their feedback survey.

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