Taulman TECH-G


(Price is for 1 kilogram of filament)

An extremely tough PETG polymer with full FDA approved raw  polymer documentation and certification.  Tech-G will be released as a technical "Fully Documented" material with the intent to provide Engineers, Design houses and Industry with a material that comes with hundreds of specifications as to strength, chemical resistance, worldwide certifications and technical data sheets.  A simple scan of the QR code on our label will take you directly to our documentation site for Tech-G .  You'll be able to D/L all of the documentation provided from the Chemical Company and the St. Louis Test Labs.   Tech-G was developed to not only be high strength, but also have limited elongation.  Engineering firms were using PLA and ABS for initial Form and Fit evaluations.  In some cases, the strength of these materials allowed some limited functional use.  In the case of PLA, it was the brittle nature of medium or larger parts that severely limited functional testing.  With ABS, the limit was always Tensile strength.  With TECH-G, taulman 3D believe they have now given the development and design industry an easy to print material with much higher Tensile when 3D Printed, with enough elongation so as to be truly useful in functional testing.

Optimal print temperature: 238C 

Nozzle: Any size but larger is better

Print speed: ABS speeds

Print bed: Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA

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