Taulman Nylon 230


(Price is for 1 pound of filament)

Taulman's Nylon 230 is the first nylon able to be printed at the low temperature of 230°C and without a heated bed! Taulman 230 can be printed on virtually any 3D printer. While not quite as strong as its Taulman brothers - Nylon 618, 645, and Bridge - this nylon is still strong and durable. Nylon 230 is also chemically resistant making it an excellent candidate for producing functional parts. With the release of Nylon 230, taulman3D will provide owners of PLA only or PLA and ABS only 3D Printers to add high strength Nylon to their list of material choices.  In addition, Nylon 230 prints on Blue tape, and even better on "build-tak" type surfaces as well as print bed treated with various PVA glues/glue sticks.

Want engineering grade parts but don't have an all metal hot end? Looking for an alternative to ABS and PLA? Look no further. Start printing with Nylon 230 today.

Technical Specifications:

Printing Temperature: 225 - 235°C

Print Speed: 80% of  ABS speeds

Retraction: ~ 2mm

Print bed: 
Hot = Glass heated to 45C with coat of PVA glue stick
Cold = Blue tape
Cold = BuildTak with coat of PVA glue stick

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