Railcore II Dual Hotend Y Carriage Kit by Mandala Rose Works

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Note: You will need to create your own RepRapFirmware config file for this product, one is not available.

The Dual Y Carriage kit contains everything you see in the pics.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Y Carriage with spots for 2 hotends
  • Adjustable Hotend Mount
  • Hotend Clip for holding Groovemount Hotends
  • Dual Fan Shroud and mounting brackets printed in High Temp Resin (225C max)

The adjustable hotend mount is locked onto a special rail in the Dual Y Carriage with 2 m3 nuts and bolts. The nuts fit in a slot on the back of the rail, and the screws go in from the side, allowing you the abililty to adjust the height of the 2nd hotend from the front of your printer without having to tear anything apart to get to the adjustment screws. The nozzles are 25mm apart from each other.

The fixed hotend mount uses any of the hotend mounts that we sell, for Mosquito, E3D v6 or J-Head hotends. If you choose to put a mosquito mount for your adjustable hotend, you will have to use a groovemount adapter for it, as the adjustable rail won't allow the use of a non-groovemount adapter.

You will need either of these two belt retainers (the one in the kit won't work):

    The Dual Output fan shroud was custom designed for us by James Tongue to work with our Dual Hotend Y Carriage and are provided in the kit as a high temp resin print. Resin is FunToDo Industrial Black or Red and is good up to 225C.

    Please Note: The use of this Dual Hotend Y Carriage will cost you approximate 45-50mm in the Y axis on your printer.

    The Mandala Rose Works Dual Hotend Y Carriage was tested and approved by J. Steve White of Railcore Labs.

    Note: this setup is for one Bowden, one direct Hotend. The mounting bracket for the directly driven hotend is here.