NEMA17 12N-cm Stepper Motor

Nema17 12N-cm stepper motor with 16.5mm D shaft for grub screw and 0.4m wiring.

These stepper motors are smaller NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use on your extruder or printer axes. Weighing only 130g but still producing 12N-cm of torque these motors make an excellent choice for use on a Titan extruder. Lighter and shorter than the standard motors, but producing plenty of torque after the 3:1 ratio of the Titan.

The body of the 12N-cm motor is 24mm long (22mm not counting the protrusion around the motor shaft), and the shaft is 16.5mm long.

Property Value
Manufacturer Jugetek
Model No. 17HS0401-18B
Holding Torque 12 N-cm
Shaft 16.5mm
Resistance 3.3 ohms
Stepping Angle 1.8°
Rated Current 0.8A





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