LDO Orbiter V1.5 Dual Drive Direct Extruder

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The LDO Orbiter V1.5 Dual Drive Direct Extruder as seen on Thingiverse. Designed by Dr. Lorincz Rober in cooperation with LDO. 


  • Compatible with flexible filament
  • Reduced stringing compared with bowden extruder
  • LDO HT motor, which is rated for 180℃ and allows for faster acceleration and direction change
  • Only ~150g weight, resulting in increased print speeds without sacrificing quality.
  • Glass fiber reinforced nylon injection molding parts instead of printed parts for housing, more robust/durable
  • DuPont Delrin injection molded gear, longer lifespan
  • Hardened steel dual drive gear provides bigger feeding force for filament
  • Recommend stepper current 0.35A RMS, don't exceed 0.5A

Additional info below. 

 What's changed from v1

  • DuPont Delrin molded planetary gears
  • Glass fiber reinforced Nylon housing and latch
  • Filament guide part of the extruder housing
  • PTFE tube connector on top
  • New stepper motor LDO-36STH20-1004AHG - 20mm long with more torque
  • Some internal bearings dimensions has been changed to simplify assembly and improve the molding process quality

Firmware configuration

  • Stepps: 650-700 steps/mm at 16 micro-stepping
  • Acceleration: 600 mm/s^2
  • Maximum instantaneous speed change (jerk): 300 mm/min(RRF), 5 (Marlin)
  • Maximum speed: 3600 mm/min
  • Pressure advance: 0.02s
  • Retraction: ~1.2mm
  • Retraction speed: 60mm/s
  • Motor current:
    • 0.5A Peak or 0.35A RMS (LDO-36STH17-1004AHG and LDO-36STH20-0504AHG)
    • 1A Peak or 0.7A RMS (LDO-36STH20-1004AHG)

NOTE: Please pay attention which current type your firmware is configuring and set accordingly:

  • Marlin and Klipper firmware RMS currents are configured
  • Reprap firmware for the Duet family Peak currents are configured