Kinematic Mounting Kit for Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT by Mandala Rose Works


In stock and ready to ship. 

Designed by Mandala Rose Works, the Kinematic Mount Kit provides you all the parts and hardware necessary to convert your Z yokes and bed to a kinematically coupled system to handle the thermal expansion of your bed as it heats up.

The Kinematics are based on the Kelvin style kinematics, and include 150C N48SH magnets to maintain the connection of the bed to the yokes. In addition, the coupling for the right side of the printer includes strain relief for the bed cables.

PLEASE NOTE: The grounding cable should be attached to the RIGHT threaded BALL, NOT to the yoke. A magnet is NOT enough to provide sufficient grounding. The install docs online will be updated to reflect this as well.

See below for what's in the box. 

What's in the box:

  • Adapters for each of the yokes, including a strain relief mount, a fixed mount, and a pin mount
  • 3 - 9.5mm threaded balls
  • 3 magnets
  • All necessary hardware for assembling and attaching them to your printer
  • A detailed instruction sheet, which can also be downloaded from here.