Jubilee Panels



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Back Panel

Compatible with Release 2.1.1, the back panel features convenient mounting points for all primary electronics components. The panel is cut from 3.175mm (1/8th in.) HDPE, which supports easy drilling of extra holes as needed.

The panel includes built in cable tie down points and bolt hole patterns for various setups, including:

  • Duet 2 with a Duex5
  • Duet3 with a Raspberry Pi and two 3HC Expansion Boards

For more information on installing electronics, check out the wiki: https://jubilee3d.com/index.php?title=Assembly_Instructions#Electronics

Side Panels

These side panels prevent drafts and quick temperature changes inside the machine while adding a tasteful exterior. Although they add negligible structural support, they are perfect for discouraging curious fingers and cats from interfering with a busy machine.