Clearance - E3D v6/Volcano Hotsides (used)



These are E3D v6 or Volcano hotsides, have hardened steel nozzles of varying (random) sizes. Comprised of 1.75mm stainless steel heatbreak, aluminum heater block, hardened steel 1.75mm nozzle.

All genuine E3D components, used, as-is but over 90% off retail.

All sales final.

Feedback from a customer:

I understand these are used items sold at a deep discount. But they arrived with heater cartridge and thermistor caked into the heater block, covered with plastic goo. Had the heater cartridge wires weren’t cut right at the base of the cartridge, I could have easily just connect the cartridge to a bench top power supply, and slowly pry off the goo. Under the state they’ve arrived, any attempt in disassembling/cleaning the hotsides have been extremely difficult. 

So - if used, as-is, clearance, deeply discounted (95% off!) parts aren't what you're looking for, would recommend sticking to new parts instead.