E3D FleXD Filament


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"Cement" Grey
"Crystal" Clear
"Monster" Green
"Oxford" Blue
"Rose" Red
"Sweet" Orange
"Basic" Black
"Bright" White
All the bouncy bendiness you want in a flexible filament with the quality you can expect from E3D's spoolWorks brand.

Like Edge, FleXD is a naturally transparent filament. This means that in addition to the strong, solid color you can expect with the entire spoolWorks range, you will also find that FleXD offers incredible pigmentation and color vibrancy.

FleXD pairs outstandingly with spoolWorks Scaffold support filament. It adheres well during printing and then peels away satisfyingly. Any remnants can be easily dissolved away with tap water.

Put it to work with useful prints like mobile phone covers, keyboard protectors, and insoles, or enjoy printing bendy versions of objects like vases and benchys!

We are proud to be a
US distributor for E3D.  


Key Features

• High abrasion resistance
• High shear strength
• Elastic and flexible
• Rich, solid color
• Spool weight: 500g


Printing Guidelines*

• Bed temperature: 45-85C
• Print temperature: 220-240
• 30% speed (15mm.s-1)
• Bed adhesion: glue stick
*Every 3D printer is different, adjust settings to taste!