Railcore II 300ZL/ZLT J12 Ultralight Hot End Mount


In stock, ready to ship. 

This part is designed for the ZL series of the Railcore II printers and is the newest addition to our new ultralight weight series of parts.

This mount is designed to secure the J12 extruder (not included) to the ultralight Y plate (from 713maker) on the Railcore II ZL printer.

This CNC milled aluminum hot end mount is designed to reduce weight along the printers drive train while still providing rigidity and strength. It is ideal for heated chambers as the metal will not deform with high temperatures. Our milled mounts are remarkably lighter than the stock 3D printed parts and less than half the weight of other metal J12 mounts currently available.  The minimalistic design of this mount allows for easy access to the top of the cold end and PTFE tube connectors. This design also allows for easy hot end servicing and change outs by only removing the 2 front screws. There are no pesky nuts to drop.

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J12 mount

At only 9.7 grams* (including screws) this mount is specifically designed to fit your J12 hot end and to attach securely to the ultralight Y plate (from 713maker).

You will get:

  • groove plate  (6.9 grams)
  • lock bar  (1.5 grams)
  • 2x M3 button head socket screws (1.3 grams)

*Prototype version pictured. Final design may vary slightly.