E3D ToolChanger Tool Head

In stock, ready to ship. 

Please note you only need 1 ToolChanger ToolHead. 

This coupling kit mounts to the carriage of the motion system and comprises everything required to pick up and put down tools. It also includes the stepper motor required to actuate the mechanism. 

The ToolChanger ToolHead is the mechanical component of the tool changing system. Featuring a high-performance Stepper Motor, and Gearbox capable of performing over 1.5 million tool changes. It has been designed to bolt directly to the Motion System’s X-Carriage.


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What's in the box:

  • Assembled Face Plate
  • Rear Plate
  • Stepper Motor
  • 1 x Radial Bearing
  • 1 x Flange Bearing
  • 1 x Thrust Bearing
  • 1 x Endstop Switch
  • 1 x Fixings Kit


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