Nozzle/Die with Integrated Melt Filter



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The Filastruder melt filter is designed to keep contaminants out of your newly produced filament by filtering the polymer just before it leaves the nozzle. Note that for use with printers having a nozzle size 0.5mm or smaller, it is recommended that a melt filter nozzle is used with the Filastruder to remove any dust/debris from the polymer.

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It uses a 250 micron wire mesh filter, and has 75sqmm of effective filtration area. It is CNC machined out of brass. I have tested this final revision for over 2000 hours of extrusion, with no measurable decline in output rate. Because the local velocity of the polymer at the screen pack is so low, output rate is not diminished until the filter is nearly full of contaminants. 

This melt filter is completely reverse compatible with all versions of the Filastruder - simply heat up the Filastruder to operating temperatures, unplug it, remove the thermocouple, loosen the nozzle 1 turn each minute while the Filastruder cools, install the new nozzle, reinstall the thermocouple, and heat the Filastruder back up. You may need to tighten the nozzle another half turn after heating. Be careful not to bend the barrel (metal pipe) - it may help to remove the 4 main bolts and slide the hotend out so that you cannot bend the pipe.

Of course, wear gloves and safety glasses during this!

The melt filter is available in both 1.75mm and 3.0mm variants. Each melt filter includes two reusable screens, and two retaining clips. You will need circlip pliers to install the retaining clip.

You can also pick up replacement screens if needed, by selecting the "2 replacement screens" option.