Filastruder Kit Enclosure (Version 1.x)


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Note that this enclosure was designed for Version 1 of the Filastruder. We no longer stock this, if you're certain you need one please get in touch through the contact form.

This is a production run of the enclosure designed by Drandolph. This enclosure can be wall or desk mounted. It includes all lasercut parts, nuts, and bolts to duplicate what you see in the pictures. It's made out of white HDF (high-density fiberboard). It now includes holes for a standard 4" cabinet handle in the top plate (optional, not provided, not pictured).

More information available at the link below, including assembly instructions:



Has been tested by users of all v1.x versions of the Filastruder.

Although the enclosure is on revision 1.3, it is compatible with all v1.x versions of the Filastruder (v1.0-1.6).

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