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If you are looking for a full display, we recommend the PanelDue5i or  PanelDue 7i, which are integrated, more compact, high quality solutions. If you need a spare PanelDue or LCD of the old style, you're in the right place.

We are shipping the latest version of the PanelDue (v3.0). See changes at the bottom of this page. 

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The PanelDue is a full-colour touch-sensitive graphical control panel for 3D printers. Although primarily intended for use with Duet electronics, it also works with other 3D printer electronics that supports a true serial port and includes the required support in the firmware, for example RADDS. Both RepRapFirmware and Repetier firmware support PanelDue.

These images shows the PanelDue controller paired with a 7 inch display. The design is by David Crocker (DC42 on the RepRap forums). The firmware is located here

The images are taken by David Crocker. Some show the board on the bottom, one with the control board on the side. The display is not supplied, unless you select an LCD option above.

Available by default with connectors as pictured. Optionally, you can select a premade 1m cable instead. The cable is a 4 pin cable, same pinout on both ends (straight through). Assembly and other details can be found by clicking here.

LCD screen drawings available here as PDF downloads:

4.3" LCD
5" LCD
7" LCD


ITDB02-4.3 and ITDB02-5.0 from Itead Studio, and alternative 4.3 inch, 5 inch and 7 inch displays (see below).

Power requirement 5V power from host 3D printer
Supply current Board only: 35mA
With typical 4.3 inch display: 280mA
With typical 7 inch display: 650mA
Interface 2-wire serial interface with 3.3V signal level (5V tolerant input). An external pullup resistor can be added to improve noise margin when driving 5V printer electronics.
Processor Version 3 has on-board ATSAM4S4B ARM Cortex M4 processor with 256kb flash memory and 64kb RAM. Version 2 and earlier have ATSAM3S2B or ATSAM3S4B processor.
Options Pads provided for making connections to the SD card holder on the back of the display.
Pads provided for 3 uncommitted outputs from the on-board processor


Changes from v2 to v3:

V3 uses a different firmware binary from the V2 boards. Use the binaries with -v3- in the filename at

You need bossac 1.18 to program them, not the older versions of bossac. You can get it here you use the interactive version (Bossa), check the Erase All, Lock, and Boor From Flash boxes before writing the binary.

If you use a ribbon cable to connect a PanelDue v3 to a version 1.01 or later Duet 2 Wifi board, or a Duet 2 Ethernet board, then it will provide power to the PanelDue board and the display. So if the distance between the Duet and PanelDue is short enough, you can use the ribbon cable and dispense with the 4-way cable. Caution: a long ribbon cable may prevent PT100 and thermocouple daughter boards from working, because they share the same SPI bus. Also a ribbon cable may not work well with the 7" display unless it is very short, due to voltage drop in the cable.

Version 3 is snappier at redrawing the screen when you change page or cancel a popup.

Version 3 does not usually lose its settings when you upgrade the firmware. However, it will lose its settings if you install firmware with a different screen type to the one supported by the previous firmware. This is intentional.

The V3 board is in theory programmable via the serial interface from the Duet. However, this also means that you need to disconnect it from the Duet in order to program it via USB.