NEMA17 65N-cm Stepper Motor

A seriously powerful, extra long (60mm) NEMA17 motor for those exceptionally demanding applications where you need 65N-cm of torque.

If you're building an exceptionally large machine, or have very heavy axes, or have some other crazy application for a very high torque motor this may well be the motor you need.

These massive motors maintain the convenient and ubiquitous NEMA17 mounting used in much of the 3D printing community, but are longer in length and therefore produce significantly more torque. They also have a milled flat on the shaft which enables a locking grub screw or printed part to hold onto the shaft with impunity even under high loads.

These motors do require a bit more current to get the most out of them than most motors, and therefore we recommend you drive these with our DRV8825 Stepper Drivers instead of the more common A4988 Drivers due to the higher current capacity.

Body Length = 59mm 
Face width= 42 mm
Shaft length= 25mm

Holding Torque 65N-cm
Shaft 5mm (With Flat)
Rated Voltage 4v
Stepping Angle 1.8°
Rated Current 1.5A


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