Duet Controller v0.8.5

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The Duet 0.8.5 is an updated version of the successful Duet v0.6 3D printer electronics board now installed in thousands of 3D printers. It is is a next generation electronics board to control a 3D printer or other stepper motor driven robot. Based on the SAM3X8E, ARM 32 bit processor that also powers the Arduino Due, it has much more capability than 8 bit based 3D printer controllers. It comes with Ethernet built in allowing it to run as a network printer controller. It can also be connected to wifi by following these instructions. In addition it takes the Duex4 expansion board (available upon request) which adds a further 4 stepper channels - for a total of 9 axis controls (3 axis + 6 extruders for example). 

The Duet ships together with a USB cable and an SD card.

It runs RepRap Firmware which is compatible with the Eclipse for firmware development.

It is Open Hardware, both designed and manufactured in the UK.

We recommend using the DC42 fork of RepRapFirmware:


NOTE: It is a good idea to update the firmware upon receiving the board, in case any firmware updates have been released since the board was manufactured. Users should upload the latest firmware release when setting up the board for the first time. We recommend using the DC42 fork of RepRapFirmware: https://github.com/dc42/RepRapFirmware

IMPORTANT: The Duet will need configuration to suit your printer. We strongly recommend that you review the information given in the links below for details of setting up and using the Duet. Documentation can be found here.

New Features in Duet 0.85

  • A second extruder channel (E1).
  • A second PWM fan output.
  • E1 motor current controlled by the SAM3X8E DAC0 channel. Thanks to David Crocker for this idea.
  • Two "always on" fan pins.
  • Dedicated header for the PanelDue.
  • Dedicated probe header, supports many different probes including David Crocker's mini IR probe.
  • Additional pins accessed on the SAM3X8E processor to enable the new features.

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