E3D Type K Thermocouple (Bare or Cartridge)


These thermocouples can be used in place of your thermistors on E3D All-Metal HotEnds. Note that you will probably need additional hardware to connect the couple to your controller board. 

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Bare probe style:

Comes with a small probe and bare wires, as pictured (the one with the green cable)

Cartridge Style:

These new Type-K Thermocouples come in a neat little 3mm x 15mm cylindrical package for compatibility with all of our cartridge-style heater blocks. This method of mounting provides great thermal response and easy removal of the sensor. 

The leads are 1m in length and have fork-terminals on the end.

Technical Specifications:

Property Value
Maximum Tempreature + 900°C
Minimum Tempreature - 50°C
Probe Diameter 2mm
Lead Length 1000mm
Thermocouple Type K
Lead Insulation Fiber


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