Metal E3Dv6 Bulldog Mount (Lite/XL)

$6.99 $29.99


XL is stock, ready to ship. Lite is out of stock and no plans to restock.

Custom CNC E3D V6 hotend mount for Bulldog extruders, both Lite and XL versions are available. No more jimmy rigging your V6! Machined to tight tolerances to allow for a very tight press fit. May need to very lightly sand mount to get the best fit/removal. 


Please note: the countersink is not present on the XL version, so you will need to either use a screw with a different head, or slightly file the edge of the E3D heatsink. See photo below for reference - the mount we sell is the one mounted to the Bulldog, the mount included with the Bulldog is the one behind the one we sell.