DDG Extruder Kit Ultimaker 3

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We are now proud to present Bondtech's latest development, DDG Extruder for Ultimaker3 that feeds filament without grinding and with a very firm grip of the filament that will allow for faster printing without under-extrusion problems and also high retraction prints like Voroni models without grinding.

- Strong housing parts in SLS Nylon in black colour
- Bondtech precision cnc machined gears in hardend steel.
- New driveshaft in cnc machined stainless steel
- New bearings

Parts re-used from Ultimaker 3 Feeder
- Big plastic gear
- Pushfit connector + bowden clip
- Screws (4x M3x16)
- Filament inlet guide
- Compression spring assembly

These extruders re-use parts from the Ultimaker3 feeder (Used on Ultimaker 3, Ultimaker 3 Extended)

This kit contains 1 righthand extruder and 1 lefthand extruder

The original stepper motor of the printer will be reused and the extruder will be mounted at the same position and in the same mounting holes as the factory extruder making the installation easy and fast.

Installs in about 20 minutes.
E-steps needs to be updated to 311
E-step setting needs to be adjusted in the firmware, see documentation

This extruder is developed toghether with C.Matthes in Germany

For documentation: www.bondtech.se/docs

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