ATLAS 3D Frame/Enclosure Kit

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The kit enclosure is an alternative to 3D printing the structural elements of ATLAS 3D.  The kit enclosure comes with acrylic replacements for the 3D printed parts and does not require the buyer to 3D print anything.  A combination of the kit enclosure and the ATLAS 3D kit results in a fully functional ATLAS 3D scanner.  The kit enclosure contains the following parts:

  1. All necessary structural parts in laser-cut black acrylic (1/4" thick)
  2. 1x MDF turntable (7.5" diameter, 1/4" thick)
  3. 1x High friction liner for the turntable
  4. 2x 3D printed PLA laser holders
  5. 1x hardboard calibration item
  6. 1x hardboard power switch holder
  7. 4x Camera alignment springs
  8. All of the necessary screws, nuts, and washers

The Kit Enclosure must be used in conjunction with the ATLAS 3D kit and does not include the components that are part of the ATLAS 3D (Raspberry Pi, camera, electronics board, etc).

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