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The ATLAS 3D Kit is a 3D scanner kit you can print and build yourself.  The kit contains everything required to assemble the scanner except for the enclosure.  The enclosure can be 3D printed or an acrylic enclosure can be added below for those who do not want to 3D print parts.  This includes a Raspberry Pi B+ (the Raspberry Pi 2 is available for an additional charge), a 5 megapixel CMOS sensor, 2 laser modules, electronics board, 8GB MicroSD card, Wifi adapter, power supply, stepper motor, high friction turntable liner, rubber feet, the 3D printable files, and all of the fasteners and cables.  No soldering or electrical knowledge is required to build the ATLAS 3D kit, all of the components simply screw together.  The user must either purchase the acrylic enclosure or print the plastic parts for the kit.

Add the new enclosure for a complete scanner!

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ATLAS 3D works by illuminating an object with laser light and then using 3D triangulation to generate a point cloud for each location where the laser hits the model.  Neighboring points are then connected as triangles to form a 3D model.  This model can be used as-is for many purposes or it can be processed in a software package such as Meshlab to make it water-tight and print ready.

All of the software runs onboard the Raspberry Pi, so there are no required drivers or software packages to install.  A web browser is used to communicate with the scanner on your home network.  Once a scan is performed, the web browser is used to download the resulting models.


  • 3D Printable in both ABS and PLA
  • Optional acrylic enclosure
  • Point cloud export
  • Triangle mesh export
  • PLY file format support
  • STL file format support
  • Real-time 3D scan previewing via WebGL
  • Assisted calibration
  • Support for dual laser lines (right and left)
  • Up to 3200 samples per table revolution (with reference electronics)
  • 5 megapixel camera sensor
  • Support for camera Still mode and Video mode
  • Configurable Image Processing Settings
  • Persistant storage of previous scans
  • Manual control of lasers and turn table


ATLAS 3D Software Showing Real-time 3D Scan Preview


ATLAS 3D Scan of Orc

Close-up of Full Color Orc Triangle Mesh

ATLAS 3D Skull Scan

Close-up of Full Color Skull Scan

3D Print of the Skull Scan

The Original Model and Downscaled 3D print

Screw Scan


The acrylic enclosure is the preferred enclosure for ATLAS 3D.  It allows the user to assemble the kit and immediately begin scanning without the need to 3D print parts.


An enclosure can also be 3D printed.  The 3D printed parts are not included as part of the kit and must be printed by the purchaser if the acrylic enclosure is not purchased.  The STL files for the 3D printed models can be found at

3D Printed Enclosure Parts



ATLAS 3D compares favorably to the competition for a fraction of the price.




The ATLAS 3D kit contains the following components.

  1. Raspberry Pi B+ (Raspberry Pi 2 optional)
  2. 5MP CMOS Camera
  3. 2 Laser Modules
  4. 802.11n WiFi Adapter
  5. 8GB MicroSD Card
  6. Electronics Board
  7. Power supply
  8. Stepper Motor
  9. High Friction Turntable Liner
  10. Rubber Feet
  11. All nuts/bolts/washers needed to assemble

The scanner software is pre-installed on the SD card and ready to run.


All of the ATLAS 3D software runs completely on the Raspberry Pi.  Communication with the scanner occurs through a normal web browser.  This allows ATLAS 3D to be controlled from virtually any modern operating system including Windows, Linux, Mac, and even most cellphones.


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