We wanted to provide you with a few stories and testimonials of the Filastruder. Here's some thoughts and photos straight from Filastruder owners.

"I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how well the Filastruder is working... I have run off several rolls of White Polylac PA-746 and the same with MG94, some with colorant. All seem to print better than the commercial brand filament that I have been buying. I have also noticed that the filament is a lot more flexible than the commercial brands. But again the main purpose of this message is to let you know how pleased I am with both products and the help I received in setting them up and to thank you once again." 

- Ken W.

Filament came from OS3DP’s ABS pellets, printed with E3D volcano hot end using 0.6mm nozzle, 0.2mm layer height. Honestly, my expectations weren’t high for a DIY kit, but the tolerance and printing quality of the filament is on par with what I get from commercial suppliers if not better. The value for price is undeniable, and every serious maker should consider having one on hand.

- Kevin, Founder, AON


Photos courtesy of Kevin, Founder, AON. Checkout his Kickstarter here

 "I currently have the filastruder + filawinder and have been extremely happy with my investment. I have no experience with the others, but I can give my impressions on the filastruder.

Whenever I had a question or issue, support was always quick to respond. I extrude with a 1.75mm nozzle. I am getting constant extrusions of 1.70mm.

- Soynuts on Reddit

Photo courtesy of Soynuts




Photos courtesy of Bubbasnow


"Put some images like this one in the store, 5 days straight running 10 pounds of natural no kinks, ramen or inclusions. Wow" - supraflyer on Soliforum

10 lbs of Filastruder Filament

 Photo courtesy of supraflyer


"Fast color changes are working pretty well. I used 10 grams + 5% colorant and then 5 grams of natural to clear the color. Each gram is equal to about 1 foot of filament which produces a new color every 15 feet or so." - jesse on Soliforum

Quick Colorant Changes

Photo courtesy of jesse

Quick Colorant Changed Filament

 Photo courtesy of jesse

Print Using Quick Colorant Changed Filastruder Filament

Photo courtesy of jesse

Filastruder Filament Frog


Photo courtesy of Nacho


"I like the filastruder. It's extruding a very consistent and solid plastic." - Drandolph on fabric8r


"Diameter consistency is same or better than the Octave filament Ive been printing with.... I havent got a strand as long as a single spool yet" - JDM_ on robo3dprinter

"Red Filastruder filament on a spool made from Filastruder filament." - JDM_ on robo3dprinter

Red Masterbatch Filastruder Filament



Print Using Red Masterbatch FIlastruder Filament


Photos courtesy of JDM



Multiple Colored Filastruder Filament

Enchanced View of Multiple Colored Filastruded Filament

Multiple Colored FIlastruder Filament

Range of Multiple Colors FIlastruder Filament

Piled Filastruder Filament

Enhanced View of Piled Filastruder Filament

Photos courtesy of George

Nude Panther v2 Close Up

Photo courtesy of 2n2r5


There's a thread on the Filastruder forum with a picture gallery of the DIY models. Here's a few of them.

DIY Kit plus Custom Modifications

 Photo courtesy of bernabap, Kit + Custom Mods

One of the First Standard DIY Kit Versions

 Photo courtesy of gringo

DIY Kit Plus Custom Modifications and Faceplate


 Photo courtesy of cahorton, Kit + Faceplate


There's also a few YouTube videos out there of people running their Filastruders. Here's links to a few videos.

D-tek Filastruder Autostart, Alarm, and Filament Guide Mod

Filastruder first run

Filastruder Extruding Yellow to Orange Filament

Winder First Test

Reprap Project- Making filament for 3D printing


"I was a Beta tester, got cracking results from ABS from plastribution! Can't remember the exact resin but honestly it was some of the best filament I ever had! Much better than stuff from ebay suppliers etc etc...." - R.J.A.Allen on Soliforum


"I'm using a Filastruder to make filament at home, I'm (very cheaply) producing filament that prints extremely well on my current printer..." - Laird on Fabric8r


"The machine is working great and assembly was smooth." - Bill